Services and Equiptment

About Us

The Gombert Organization, a family run business, has been providing the construction industry with below grade waterproofing all across New York. For the past 15 years, we have also been installing CGI waterproofing and polyurea systems, with hundreds of successful installations. Furthermore, we are a certified installer of Sika products, which is a renowned name in the industry.

At The Gombert Organization, we only use the best equipment to complete each job. Using these tools allows us to complete each task quickly, efficiently and to each customer’s standards.

Types of equipment we use:

3 Independent Maximator Pumps

6 Compressor Units

2 Structural Epoxy Pumps

Over a Dozen Hilti Hammer Drills (with Dust Control and a High Tech Camera Probe to Investigate Behind Wall and Floor Surfaces)

Our company’s goal is to meet all of your below grade waterproofing needs in New York.

Our focus lies in hydrophilic injections, however we offer many other services to suit your building. For over 90 years, we’ve been serving the tri-state area and beyond. We carry years of experience and knowledge, as well as integrity for hard work.

We’re an active member of the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), Polyurea Development Association (PDA), and the American Wall and Ceiling Institute. We are also proud members of the Hauppauge Industrial Association and the Association of Master Painters and Decorators of New York.

Recent Customers

Hydrophilic Injection:

Our carefully crafted hydrophilic injection solution is guaranteed to provide the below grade waterproofing NYC you need, all while resisting contaminants like dirty water. This method has set the standard in the industry for efficiency. With The Gombert Organization as your certified and trained installer, you’ll have a long-lasting hydrophilic injection that requires absolutely no excavation.


Structural Epoxy Repair and Patching:

An epoxy injection grouting is a worthwhile repair that can structurally support and fortify various buildings that certified architects and engineers work with. Because we’re well experienced with below grade waterproofing throughout New York, we can identify and inject epoxy grout as necessary. It’s one of the most efficient ways to maintain and enhance existing commercial or industrial structures.


Our New York company concentrates on below grade waterproofing, which can be performed with no excavation or construction. Ideal for older buildings, our services can help stop or prevent leaks and are performed inside the building. However, we can also perform our services on newer buildings if desired. In fact, any building can benefit from having its basements, walls, or cement foundation waterproofed. No demolition is required for us to install a membrane or barrier with our below grade New York water proofing service.

Our Other Expert Services:

Investigative drilling and use of a high tech probe to examine water intrusion and develop a plan to mediate the problem. Installation of curtain wall injections. Installation of full waterproof membranes under a slab. Waterproofing of the wall floor joint around the perimeter of the building. Administering below grade waterproofing, joint, and barrier injections throughout NYC. Structural epoxy repair of random cracks and joints. Expanding foam injection into voids within and behind walls and floors. Waterproofing of pipe sleeves, conduits and other wall and floor penetrations. Installing polyurea tank linings. Applying ester resin to reduce water swelling.