Hydrophilic Injection

For over 15 years, we have been installing waterproofing hydrophilic injections manufactured by Sika Greenstreak Corporation, with success all over NYC.

We also have experience in installing products from other leading companies and brands such as Aquafin, Deneef, and more.

When polymers and hydrogels are mixed correctly, the resulting NYC waterproofing solution can repair structural cracks, capillaries, honey-combs and joints in concrete and masonry surfaces. It actively swells to double its original volume when in contact with water or liquid. Because this hydrophilic injection is such a durable waterproofing solution, it will not be affected by factors such as contaminated water, all while remaining non-toxic and environmentally safe in NYC.

Over the years, we’ve become known for these efficient methods. In fact, several noteworthy organizations in NYC and beyond have depended on us for this reliable waterproofing system: New York City School Construction Authority, State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York Power Authority, Northeast Utilities, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, and many more.

Our hydrophilic injection services are ideal for basements, walls, and cement foundation, as well as anything on an underground level.

Waterproofing is especially necessary for older NYC buildings that experience frequent leaks. Because these services don’t require any kind of excavation, you won’t have to deal with the stress of construction and your building will now be fully secured. That’s just one of the reasons why The Gombert Organization has become a major name in the construction industry.

Besides just hydrophilic injections, we also perform structural crack repair, including void filling within walls and floors. Our factory trained installers are the ones who will be utilizing this modern technology for your project. Each waterproofing job in NYC is professionally supervised by a Manufacturer Representative, complete with a guarantee for the work.

When you have a flawless combination like hydrophilic injection waterproofing, along with The Gombert Organization of NYC as your certified installer, you won’t have to worry. We can solve any water intrusion problems in below grade concrete and brick, all from the inside!

Why Choose The Gombert Organization?

Over the years, our organization has accomplished waterproofing projects in NYC, California, Puerto Rico, Florida, and throughout the Northeast Region. All of our jobs are accomplished with our self-contained trailers. Furthermore, our technicians will arrive at your job site with all of the necessary equipment, materials, and manpower to accomplish the assigned project. We’re confident that our expert methods will provide you with the specific solution you need for your building.


Absolutely no excavation is necessary because we’re the company you can depend on to solve your water intrusion problems, regardless of whether it’s leaking, cracks, has old joints, or needs an entire membrane behind a wall or under concrete. We’re also the leader of waterproofing in NYC and the tri-state area. Don’t hesitate to call The Gombert Organization at 631-586-4400 for your building’s hydrophilic injection today; we’re certain that this unbeatable solution will result in a more dependable building.