Safety Certifications

Safety Certifications

GOI Employees both factory trained technicians to install their products as well as trained union labor

All employees had attended and completed a minum 10 hour OSHA safety course

Supervisors have attended and completed a 30 OSHA class

Several key employees are trained to work in permit required confined spaces.

GOI Workers also receive annual physicals.

All employees are required to attend site specific training for each and every project.

Weekly tool box safety meetings are held throughout the project and documented

Equipment list

3 independent Maximator pumps

6 Compressor units

2 structural epoxy pumps

2 foam injector pumps

Over a dozen Hilti hammer drills, with dust control and a high tech camera probe to investigate behind wall and floor surfaces.

All this can be hauled to your job site using our fleet of 4 work vehicles as well as 2 construction vehicles.

Description of Services

Investigative drilling and use of the high tech probe to examine water intrusion and develop a plan to remediate the problem.

Installation of Chemical Grout Injection curtain walls.

Installation of full waterproof membranes under a slab.

Waterproofing of the wall floor joint around the perimeter of the building.

Chemical Grout Injection and waterproofing of random cracks.

Structural epoxy repair of random cracks and joints.

Expanding foam injection into voids with in and behind walls and floors.

Waterproofing of pipe sleeves, conduits and other wall and floor penetrations.